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Tomakeit 3.0 liters Airpot Beverage Dispenser

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Rental Agreement

Please read carefully so you are aware of and understand the terms of the agreement.

NLER Abbreviation for Northern Lights Event Rental

1. Cancellation Policy: An advance notice of cancellation at least 14 days before the scheduled event is greatly appreciated. If advance notice of cancellation is not within 7 days of the scheduled event, 25% of any deposit will be withheld and may be used if the event is rescheduled. If NLER cancels the event, a full refund will be issued.

2. Liability Policy: NLER is licensed and insured. All NLER equipment is to be used for its designed and intended purposes. Failure to responsibly use NLER equipment may likely cause injury or damage. Rental of this equipment is voluntary, and I (renter) assume responsibility to ensure safe and proper use for the duration of the rental agreement. I (renter) understand that I assume the liable risk if injury or damage occurs during use of equipment. NLER is not liable for injury or damage because of negligence or improper use. All event attendees under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of an adult while using rental equipment.

3. Delivery and Set-up: Delivery and removal of equipment are included in the cost agreement within the 15 miles radius of Cambridge, MN 55008. Easy delivery accessibility to the site is required, and the event site must be cleared for set-up. No tents are to be moved or relocated once set by NLER and we will not alter the landscape or move furniture. NLER will open and set up tables and chairs but will not organize tables and chairs for the event itself. Please understand that we are an equipment delivery and rental company, but your event will require those who can help you place the tables and chairs for the set-up you prefer. Please keep track of and communicate any damage that was incurred during the event. Tables and chairs must be cleaned and accessible before pick-up. All add-on and electronic rental equipment must be accounted for, repackaged, and available for pick-up.

4. An on-site utility inspection is required before any tent set-up that requires the use of stakes, which is generally every tent placed on grass. Failure to conduct an on-site utility check is a risk assumed by the renter. NLER does not drive stakes into concrete. Any concrete, gravel, or if otherwise determined on-site not to use stakes, Giffy ballasts (water barrels) will be used in place of stakes at an additional cost. Any site that requires the use of Giffy ballasts will also require access to an exterior water source to fill the barrels on site.

5. NLER reserves the right to go on the property or event site at any time to inspect the proper use of rental equipment. Failure to adhere to the conditions of this policy may result in an additional charge.